KHAYELITSHA -The new project of Mother Africa

In December 2015 Mother Africa is touring for the tenth time through Germany, Austria and other European countries. For the anniversary Mother Africa presents “Khayelitsha” its grand show of success of 2014/2015, which has been loved by the audience and has been popular on media. Africa’s shows are not only successful in Europe, but also in Asia, Australia and in the United States. With “Umlingo” Winston Ruddle’s project Mother Africa can look back on a successful show on European Broadways. It was the first show that went on stage with an artistic story. For the new show “Khalyelitsha” Winston Ruddle is going even further.

About 25 kilometers away from the city of Cape Town and the Table Mountain, in the peripherie just around the corner lies one of the biggest Townships of South Africa: Khayelitsha. More or less two million people live here in self build hoods made of panel sheets, wood or cardboard. Khayelitsha is the Xhosa word for “new home“. It’s a township amongst many others in Cape Town, developed from the Group Area Act in 1950, which banned all black people from South African cities.

The most successful young athletes from seven nations will present their motherland from the heart: joyful, colorful, creative and self-conscious. The hustle and bustle in the townships is the central theme of the show, it unites all performances of dance, singing and artistic with quotations from African history and bridges to European culture.

Winston Ruddle about the new show: “ In the 1960ties Townships had been the result of inhuman and racial politics during apartheid. Today they are a metaphor for our perception of Africa. Still there are stubborn chlichés left in people’s minds… Of course there are parts of Africa which are still in war and poverty- but on the other hand great places of joy and zest of life exist in a vast variety aswell. They are what we focus on in our new show “Khayelitsha”.

The most successful artists, musicians and dancer of the seven nations of Africa were chosen to be on Ruddle’s show so they can show their homeland in “Khayelitsha” how they perceive it: colourful, creative, full of joy, confident and incredibly multifaceted in its modern and traditional cultural forms of expression.

Newspapers and magazines worldwide are talking about the “…  fascinating world celebrating a party with standing ovations at the end” (Heilbronner Zeitung). The Waikato Times, New Zealand, says: “Cirque Mother Africa is a mind baggling, gravity-defending, foot stomping spectacular.” The Australian Stage comments the spectacular: "Think Cirque Du Soleil with an abundant African flavour". And for the New York Times Mother Africa is „a continental feast for the eyes and the ears”.

In 2014 after Mother Africa performed at Broadway, New York, the production was nominated in the category “Best Show Performance” for the “Drama Desk Award”, which is to compare with the Oscar in the world of theatre.