Winston Ruddle
Winston Ruddle is the father of „Mother Africa“.

The 40 years old well trained artist and selfmade-man, who is managing all about from choreography and the music to the costumes, was casting all artists on the street, all over Africa.

In Tanzania the acrobat from Zimbabwe is training his artists in a permanently growing special circus school for about four years.

He obtains his artist all over the world, also for the Andre Heller Supershow 'Afrika!Afrika!'.

Hubert Schober

With Hubert Schober Winston Ruddle has found the ideal partner. Formaly as manager of Power Concerts Tourneen GmbH he had great success with different Chinese circus- and martial-arts-shows. Also as a producer of children-musicals like 'Biene Maja' and 'Jim Knopf' he made a good reputation at the start of this century.

As the projectmanager and Co-producer, now for FKP Scorpio Konzertproduktionen GmbH in Hamburg, the project „Mother Africa“ is an affair of the heart for the event specialist.