Mother Africa is celebrating its jubilee: Six years Circus of Senses

In winter 2012 the African Circus Mother Africa was on tour for the 6th time, presenting a best-of program with all the highlights of the past four years, complemented by new, spectacular acts. Colorful costumes, vibrant rhythms and 100% African joy – that´s what is waiting for those who come to see the anniversary show of Mother Africa. Since 2006, formerly known as “Mama Africa”, almost 1 million people have watched the show (for more info see “Mother Africa by numbers” below).

The Circus of Senses bewitches with a great variety of acts and the easiness they are presented with. Its special character is formed by a mixture of traditional African and modern circus and show elements with great acrobatic acts, stomping live sound and a choreography that is based upon African traditional dances. Everyone can feel the energy and joy of life of a continent that is said to be the cradle of mankind.

The program 2011/12 again carries the spectators off into a colorful, vibrant circus world that always, thanks to the protagonists, stays authentic, adorable and unaffectedly. Some press releases of the last tour: “More wild, colorful and brighter than any of the European productions.” This is a promise that will be kept for the anniversary tour as well.

More than 40 artists, all from Africa, will perform two- hour show that is a state-to-the-art circus show AND a hot party. Each of the artists is a dancer as well as a singer or a musician. Or maybe all at the same time!
Each act is a highlight but well embedded into the propulsive program called Mother Africa. Although the artists come from all different parts of Africa they are one big family, bringing all the joy and passion on stage and straight to the audience. The upcoming tour is a reunion of the best and most spectacular acts of the past four years. Amongst other there is Mwangi Lazaraus Gitu from Kenya, he is the most flexible man in the world, the Brothers Ramadhani with their powerful and aesthetic hand-to-hand act. Mr. Gitu had some shows in China, where the fastidious audience loved him so much that he attracted 75 millions of spectators while performing on TV. He has attained cult status there.

For the first time in Europe: Yonas & Tariku from Ethiopia. The Icarian Game Act was the darling of the public on the New Zealand and Australian tour in 2010. No wonder that the famous circus of the Ringling Brothers in the USA wanted them for the show in 2011! Yonas, who is swirled into the air by the feet of his partner Tariku, is able to make almost 100 back saltos in a row!!! It is a pity that he can´t show that in every performance. The world record marks 66 in a row, due to the Guinness Book of Records….

The InAfrica will be eight members this year, with a new singer and a multi-instrumentalist, playing all the wonderful African instruments to present the wide range of African music even better than before.

All this is just an excerpt of all highlights that are part of the anniversary tour, which directly come from the artist academy of Winston Ruddle, the master mind of Mother Africa. He was a street artist himself before he opened up the academy in Dar-es-Salaam in order to train budding African talents there.

Presenting African culture and making people happy for two hours – that is not enough for Mother Africa. The team around the cast wants to help sustainable. That is why parts of the entrance fees go to developing projects in Africa. The project “Menschen für Menschen” , THE social aid program for Ethiopia of famous Karl-Heinz Böhm is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Being partner of Mother Africa in 2008 and 2009, the management supports “Menschen Für Menschen” this year again.

Mother Africa by numbers:

  • Travel Party: Min. 36 artists, musicians and dancers, 1 tour manager, 1 director, 2 cooks, 1 trucker, 3 bus drivers, 1 tailor, 4 technicians
  • Artists under contract: Approx. 100 since 2006
  • Shows: Approx. 800 world wide
  • Spectators: Approx. 900.000 world wide
  • Kilometers: 125.000.00 (that is three time around the earth)
  • Highlight: Show act at the “German Media Award 2010” to Richard Branson in Baden-Baden
  • Donation since 2006: Approx. 200.000 €.